2024 – The Year of The Heat Pump?

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Scotland has implemented a new approach to tackle climate change. They have introduced new regulations prohibiting ‘fossil fuel’ heating systems such as gas and oil boilers, in favour of renewable solutions.

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Scotland To Change Building Regulations for 2024

Starting from April 2024, revisions to building regulations will enforce a ban on using direct emission or polluting heating systems (fossil fuels), including oil and gas boilers, in new homes and buildings. Instead, they must utilise climate-friendly alternatives like Air Source Heat Pumps or Ground Source Heat Pumps, recognised as clean heating systems. Therefore, new buildings requiring a heating system must have a zero direct emissions heating system (ZDEH) installed, such as a heat Pump. 

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Why Has Scotland Decided to Make This Move?

The New Build Heat Standard aims to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly heating systems that generate minimal direct greenhouse gas emissions at the point of use. The implementation of this new regulation is anticipated to bring about the following transformations:

  1. Eliminating direct contributions to climate change from heating in new constructions.
  2. Ensuring that alternative heating systems in new buildings offer a dependable supply of heat.
  3. Improving air quality in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  4. Creating opportunities for the retraining and upskilling of the workforce throughout Scotland.

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What Else Is Happening in The Air Source Heat Pump World?

Expansion of Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Prime Minister’s decision in October 2023 to boost the heat pump grant by 50% ignited a remarkable 50% surge in applications. Now, an extra £1.5 billion is being injected into the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, this will help install around 200,000 heat pumps. This expansion is aimed at assisting more families in England and Wales to shift towards energy-efficient, low-carbon heat pumps, thereby amplifying their market penetration.

Green Heat Network and Heat Network Efficiency

£485 million allocation for the Green Heat Network Fund will enable 60,000 households and properties to access affordable, environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Advancements in Energy Efficiency Grants

With the introduction of a new £400 million energy efficiency grant set to launch in 2025, households across England will gain the ability to enact significant improvements to their properties, such as installing larger radiators or enhancing insulation. Making your house more efficient and reducing your energy bills.

Local Authority Retrofit Scheme and Social Housing Fund

The infusion of £500 million into the local authority retrofit scheme and £1.25 billion into the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. These funds are targeted towards a significant number of low-income homes, off-grid residences, and social housing units, aiming to enhance energy performance and insulation and reduce energy costs.

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What does this mean for you?

The UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides financial incentives for homeowners to upgrade their heating systems to energy-efficient ones. Assuming your property is suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump, you could apply for the following schemes; this is all part of the government’s effort to make homes more sustainable. 

If you meet the requirements for the program, you may be eligible to receive the following financial benefits:

£7,500 towards an air source heat pump

£7,500 towards a ground source heat pump

Currently, only one grant per property is allowed. Check your eligibility on the official GOV website.

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