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Tips to Help Manage Your Energy Bill in Dunfermline

Reduce Your Energy Bill in Dunfermline with these IS Plumbing Tips

Are you seeking advice on maintaining a warm home during the colder months, whilst managing your energy bill in Dunfermline? When temperatures drop and the outside world turns cold and frosty, our practical suggestions are here to ensure your winter is cosy and warm. If you’re aiming to delay switching on the central heating, we’ve compiled valuable tips for staying warm without relying on heating. Discover ways to enhance winter warmth, from bleeding radiators and strategically placing rugs, to Boiler Servicing and Boiler Repair. 

Energy Bill Dunfermline - Radiators - IS Plumbing and Heating

Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Energy Bill in Dunfermline

Radiators act as the primary defence against the cold. Inefficient radiators lead to insufficient warmth for those snug winter evenings! If your radiator has cold patches, uneven heating, or emits loud gurgling noises, it’s time for a bleed. This quick and easy process involves using a radiator key or flat-headed screwdriver to loosen the bleed valve, typically located on the top left or right of the radiator. We recommend contacting us if the problem persists after the bleed, as an underlying issue may require attention.

Did you know that heat can escape from beneath your feet? Whilst floorboards add charm, they are not very efficient at retaining warmth, especially if they’re old or have gaps. Stone, vinyl, or laminate flooring can also become chilly during winter. In the short term, you can combat cold toes by adding a new rug. You can also prevent cold air and drafts from entering through windowpanes. If your curtains are ageing or lack lining, consider buying a new pair to block the cold. Upgrading your curtains also provides an opportunity to give your room a fresh appearance. Remember, heavier curtains offer better insulation, with lined curtains generally providing superior warmth. Keep curtains closed while away or before darkness falls to maximise warmth. During the day, let sunlight in by keeping the curtains open—it’s effective and free!

Energy Bill Dunfermline - Fireplace - IS Plumbing and Heating

Prepare Your Boiler for the Winter

Preparing for cold weather and keeping your house warm involves more than just bleeding your radiators and new rugs; you should also pay some attention to your boiler. Your boiler is a crucial appliance, delivering warmth to your home and providing you with hot water. To guarantee your boiler performs at the best level through the winter months, it’s essential to take specific steps.

A prevalent issue causing boiler malfunctions in winter is condensate pipe freezing.  Gas condensing boilers are highly efficient, using flue gas heat to warm additional water, decreasing gas consumption. However, this process causes a significant drop in flue gas temperature from approximately 130 ℃ to 50 ℃. The substantial temperature reduction leads to condensation that must be drained. Unfortunately, as these pipes are positioned outside and water flow is gradual, they are susceptible to freezing, particularly at pipe joints or flat areas. An effective preventative measure against outdoor condensate pipe freezing is to ensure it is adequately insulated with waterproof cladding. It’s crucial to note that, despite it being made of plastic, the condensate pipe is an integral part of your gas system, and a gas-safe engineer should exclusively handle any modifications. Here at IS Plumbing, we are fully gas-certified plumbers and heating engineers.

Energy Bill Dunfermline - Boiler Installation - IS Plumbing and Heating

Boiler Servicing and Repair from IS Plumbing & Heating

Scheduling an annual boiler service to mitigate any rises in your energy bill in Dunfermline is a wise investment that can lead to long-term savings on energy costs. Regular servicing is crucial because, over time, an unserviced boiler may degrade without apparent signs, causing it to operate inefficiently and consume more fuel (gas or oil) to produce the same energy output as when it was new.

Gas is a popular method for heating domestic households, and maintaining your boiler is essential for safety. Our expert service covers a range of boiler brands, including Vaillant, Alpha, ATAG, Glowworm, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Navien, and Intergas. 

The comprehensive service involves a thorough strip-down, encompassing:

  • Gas rate and tightness test
  • Cleaning of system filters and condensate traps
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger and burner according to manufacturer standards
  • Checking inhibitor levels
  • Flue inspection

It’s important to note that any necessary repairs beyond the scope of servicing will incur additional charges. Burner seals will be replaced if needed, with associated costs.

Energy Bill Dunfermline - New Boiler - IS Plumbing and Heating

Reduce Your Energy Bill for Your New Home

If you are purchasing a new house, the seller has no legal obligation to service the boiler before handing over the keys. Therefore, it’s advisable to schedule a boiler service promptly. In the case of new builds, regular boiler servicing is essential to maintain the warranty’s validity. This requirement is necessary to avoid voided warranties.

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Energy Bill Dunfermline - Boiler Servicing - IS Plumbing and Heating