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Power Flushing Dunfermline

To cleanse and service your central heating system, we carry out Power Flushing in Dunfermline, the whole of Fife and the surrounding areas.

Heating System Treatments

Our team of plumbers and heating engineers are fully qualified and experienced in installing, repairing and servicing all types of boiler and central heating systems. We regularly carry out power flushing in Dunfermline and Fife, to keep central systems clean and working efficiently.

Power Flushing Dunfermline - Power Flushing Machine - IS Plumbing and Heating

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a heating system treatment, which is required when there are issues caused by debri and sludge in the system that create blockages in your central heating. Your central heating system may be sluggish, not heating up effectively, or noises may be coming from your boiler or heat pump system. Some radiators may heat up and others may not. Our power flushing service will clean your entire system and return it to its peak performance level!

Whenever we install a new boiler, our registered Gas Safe Engineers always carry out a power flush to ensure that the debris is cleaned out. Therefore, it prevents the performance of your new boiler from being affected. Keeping your central heating system clean will help to reduce potential breakdowns, including pump failure, ensuring efficiency is kept at an optimum level.

Power Flushing Dunfermline - Power Flushing Difference - IS Plumbing and Heating

What Does Power Flushing Entail?

Power flushing includes:

Draining your system and connecting an Adey Magnacleanse flushing machine.

Refilling the system and adding a chemical cleanser.

Running your hot water and heating to check that full heat circulation is restored.

Cleansing of the Magnacleanse filters during the process to remove any build up.

Draining the system again.

Adding a magnetic system filter.

Refilling with a chemical inhibitor.

This process will also help to prevent corrosion in your pipework and can increase the longevity of your boiler/central heating system.  If you are interested in power flushing in Dunfermline or Fife and wish to either discuss the process or obtain a quote, please contact our friendly team.

Do you have cold spots or hear strange noises coming from your central heating?