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Emergency Boiler Edinburgh

New Emergency boiler Edinburgh,

We were called to a ladies house in Edinburgh who had just recently had surgery and was now permanently disabled! She told me that she had called another company out over the weekend when her boiler had broken down. The company had charged her  quite a bit of money and said that they had fixed it!! However the boiler packed in the next day and when she rang them she was told the boiler was too old and that she was not getting a refund! We stripped the old boiler out an fitted the customer with a new boiler in the attic to free up much needed cupboard space. We also fitted a portable remote control so she doesn’t need to go upstairs to put the heating on. We were also able to save her some money be deducting the VAT from her bill because of her disability. Full 10 Years parts and labour warranty plus 24/7 aftercare.


Emergency Boiler Edinburgh - Broken Boiler - IS Plumbing and Heating


Emergency Boiler Edinburgh - New Boiler Install - IS Plumbing and Heating