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Boiler Replacement Dunfermline

Replacement Boiler Dunfermline.  We were called out to a replacement boiler in Dunfermline.  The original boiler was 20 years old and spares were  getting hard to come by.  Scottish gas had shut it down and advised of a replacement boiler but after the customer got there price it was a shock.  The customer contacted us and we not only gave them a more realistic price but we were also able to double the warranty from scottish gas from a 5 year warranty to a 10 year warranty because of our relationship with the manufacturer.  The customer was over the moon and has already recommended us to a neighbour.

Replacement Boiler Dunfermline - Pipe - IS Plumbing and Heating
Replacement Boiler Dunfermline - New Boiler - IS Plumbing and Heating