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Boiler Repair Dunfermline

Our plumbers and heating engineers at IS Plumbing & Heating deliver quality boiler repair in Dunfermline, the whole of Fife and the surrounding areas.

Boiler Repair Service

Losing the functionality of your boiler will be a huge disruption to your family life, especially in the cold winter months.  Regular boiler servicing will help to alleviate any issues before they happen. Our registered gas safe engineers can carry out all types of boiler repair in Dunfermline and Fife.

Boiler Repair Dunfermline - Repairing Boiler - IS Plumbing and Heating

Boiler Issues

Regardless of age, over your boiler’s entire working life, there will be some repairs necessary along the way. Ignoring what you may perceive as ‘small issues’ could have a knock-on effect and cause even bigger, and potentially costly problems. Wear and tear through constant use, can lead to all manner of boiler repairs being required.  Issues can include:

Low boiler pressure
Cold radiators
No hot water
Faulty thermostat
Build-up of sludge or debris
Trapped air
Boiler noises
Frozen pipes

Always use a registered Gas Safe Engineer who is fully qualified in boiler repair.  Unauthorised repair of gas appliances is dangerous and could prove fatal to yourself and others. Tampering with your boiler will invalidate any warrantee and void any insurance claims.

Boiler Repair Dunfermline - Valliant Boiler - IS Plumbing and Heating

When Do I Need Boiler Repair?

You will know when your boiler has broken down if it stops producing hot water and isn’t heating your radiators.  However, it is a good idea to check your boiler regularly – never ignoring any tell-tale signs that may indicate repair is necessary, before it gets to this stage.  Have you noticed any strange noises coming from the boiler?  Is it emitting odd smells? Has your carbon monoxide alarm been set off? Do you seem to be paying excessively more than expected for your energy bill?

When you call out IS Plumbing & Heating, we can assess the boiler to identify any problems, and in the majority of cases, fix it where necessary.  If it will not be cost-effective to repair, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.  We can give credible advice and a quote for a replacement boiler if you require it.

Having problems with your boiler in Fife? Need boiler repair?