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Air Source Heat Pumps for Tayside, Central & Fife

IS Plumbing & Heating are MSC Certified Installers of Air Source Heat Pumps in Dunfermline, Fife and the surrounding areas.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We supply Air Source Heat Pumps to Tayside, Central and Fife, including Dunfermline, Perthshire, Edinburgh, Stirling, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Cupar, Kincardine, Falkirk, Alva, Aloa, Clackmannanshire, and St. Andrews.

Furthermore, we work with Vaillant, the UK’s leading manufacturer. We design, specify, and install your systems to meet MCS standards (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) so you can access the Government Cashback and Loan Scheme. However, hybrid systems cannot take advantage of the Cashback and Loan Scheme. You may also want to visit the ECO4 website to check your eligibility for a Government grant.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Heat Pump aroTherm Plus Installation - IS Plumbing and Heating

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is an eco-friendly heating system that utilises electricity to draw warmth from the outdoor air and provide heating and hot water. The pump’s refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air, converting it into a gas as it reaches temperatures beyond -50°C. Then, the gas is compressed, causing it to heat up due to the rise in pressure.

This heat is then transferred to the water in your central heating system. Excess heat can be stored in a hot water cylinder when the heating system is not in use. Moreover, as the sun has already partially heated the air, a heat pump can generate more heat units than the electricity units it consumes, making it a highly efficient, sustainable energy source.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Heat Pump in Garden - IS Plumbing and Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps in Scotland

Starting in April 2024, there will be revisions to building regulations that will enforce a ban on using direct emission or polluting heating systems (fossil fuels), including oil and gas boilers, in new homes and buildings. Instead, they must utilise climate-friendly alternatives such as Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pumps, recognised as clean heating systems. Therefore, new buildings requiring a heating system must have a zero direct emissions heating system (ZDEH) installed, such as a heat pump.

There are incentives for homeowners to upgrade their heating systems to energy-efficient ones. If you meet the requirements for the program, you may be eligible to receive £7,500 towards a heat pump. Currently, only one grant per property is allowed. Check your eligibility on the official GOV website.

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IS Plumbing and Heating

At IS Plumbing and Heating, we are heating specialists. As experts in in the plumbing and heating industry, we have worked extremely hard over the years to build our business and become one of the leading Plumbers in Dunfermline. Additionally, we have been awarded ‘The Best Plumbing in Fife 2023‘ accolade and are proud to be known as trusted plumbers and heating engineers.


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